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September 2014

Sports Econ 101 September 6, 2014. We discussed Michael Sam's release from the Rams and his prospects of being signed by another team. We also talked about a Japanese high school pitcher throwing 50 innings - 709 pitches in one game! The NFL is considering charging half time performers due to the value of exposure, the value of the top 4 NFL teams, Kevin Love to the Cavs, the Seahawks being punished for "practice violations" of hitting too hard, and Ritchie Incognito's potential comeback-is he worth the risk.

Sports Econ 101 September 13, 2014 guest Tara VanDerveer, Stanford Women's Basketball Coach. Criminal attorney, David Vogelstein helps dissect the recent Ray Rice situation.

Sports Econ 101 September 20, 2014 guest Art Spander, famed sports writer. We discussed Art's history of writing and many of the colorful characters he had known. We touched on the Ray Rice situation, the Adrian Petersen child abuse allegations, and how penalties have hurt the NFL.

Sports Econ 101 September 27, 2014 guest Ronnie Lott, discussing the NFL rules for hitting and violence in football. We also talked about trick plays including Dalton and Manziel, Ethan Westbrook's decision to tatoo his face, Stephen Tullock sacking Aaron Rodgers and celebrating, causing an ACL tear, Adrian Petersen's possible removal from the Vikings and how much they would save, and LeSean McCoy leaving a 20 cent tip, and the anniversary of Fred Merkle's base running error in 1908.