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November 2014

Sports Econ 101 November 1, 2014. We discussed the very low TV ratings for the World Series, Steve Nash missing all of this year, Russell Wilson discord with his teammates, Percy Harvin fitting in with the Jets, Bill Belichick sending Darrelle Revis home for showing up late to a meeting, Microsoft's engine doing a decent job of predicting football games, the Royals accusing the Giants of soaking the dirt to slow them down, and Klay Thompson's contract with the Warriors.

Sports Econ 101 November 8, 2014 guest Dan Fost, author of Giants Baseball Experience. We discussed the academic fraud of over 1,500 athletes at UNC, why the Seahawks are not dominating this year, and Colin Kaepernick not being a leader.

Sports Econ 101 November 15, 2014 guest Al Attles, discussing how the NBA has changed over the past 40 years with faster players, the 3 pt line, and the money that has allowed today's players to work on basketball all year round instead of having to get a second job in the off season.

Sports Econ 101 November 22, 2014, we discussed Jose Canseco wanting to sell his finger and gun on E Bay, the offer the Giants made Pablo Sandoval, Adrian Peterson gone for the rest of the season, the Cowboys concerns over Dez Bryant, fight between Jeff Gordon and Kozlowski, A-Rod hoping to play next year, Carson Palmer out with torn ACL, Ahmad Brooks taking himself out of a game, LeGarrett Blount released for leaving the field early, and Marshawn Lynch not joining his team at half time in the locker room and Randy Moss wants to return to the NFL but only if he gets to play with certain quarterbacks.

Sports Econ 101 November 29, 2014, we discussed Giancarlo Stanton's huge contract, catching the AZ Cardinals, Prison Bull riding, Vern's experience as a bull rider, the Spurs hiring a female assistant coach, NBA owners claiming they are losing money, Kobe making $23.5M and other high paid NBA players, and careless bookkeeping by the LA Kings - over the salary cap by $160.