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May 2014

Sports Econ 101 May 3, 2014. Of course, we had to discuss the Donald Sterling decision and his racist comments along with a 49er fan who is suing the NFL for $50M for "geographic discrimination." Also, we revisit the taking away of the 1972 Gold Medal of Rick DeMont for using a certain prohibited asthma medication, a dumb lawsuit from a Buffalo Bills fan regarding getting too many texts, and Teddy Bridegewater's loss of insurance policy.

Sports Econ 101 May 10, 2014 guests Dara Torres and Dusty Roady, discussing Dara's incredible Olympic accomplishments for swimming and how age is just a number. Dusty shares her experiences as a triathlete who is "over 45". We also discussed the firing of the Warrior's Mark Jackson and how that will affect the team and possible replacements.

Sports Econ 101 May 17, 2014 guests Sam Spear and Reza Pakravan. Sam shares his expertise on horse racing and California Chrome, since the Preakness is coming up. Reza shares his world record experience of cycling across the Sahara Desert. We also touched on Shelly Sterling's fight to keep the Clippers.

Sports Econ 101 May 24, 2014 guest Roger Craig, former baseball pitcher and manager, discussing his 3 World Series wins as a player and 1 as a coach, along with what it was like to play with Jackie Robinson. We also talked about California Chrome being allowed to wear nasal strips.

Sports Econ 101 May 31, 2014 guest Billy Beane. We talked to Billy about the movie, Moneyball, how he is able to negotiate so well to arrange a championship caliber team with a relatively low payroll, and Sabermetrics.