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July 2017

Sports Econ 101 July 1, 2017 guest Vern Glenn, discussing Draymond Green, Aaron Judge, Cindy McGlocklin, and what is going on with the San Francisco Giants.

Sports Econ 101 July 8, 2017 guest Mark Purdy, discussing stories of Willie McCovey, Barry Bonds, and Muhammad Ali, and the reasons for the decline in boxing and the attraction of hockey.

Sports Econ 101 July 15, 2017. We discussed how the Raiders worth is going down due to going to Vegas while the Chargers are increasing their worth by going to LA. We also talked about how Lance Armstrong may get sued by the US Gov't, and Derek Carr backloading his deal to keep Raiders together as a team.

Sports Econ 101 July 22, 2017 guest Brian Kerr, discussing E Sports as well as Lonzo Ball shoe deal, Conor McGregor, and Floyd Mayweather.

Sports Econ 101 July 29, 2017 guest Andy Dolich, discussing Bill King being inducted into the Hall of Fame, stories of Billy Martin, and how it is being in the front office of the NBA, MLB, and NFL.