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July 2015

Sports Econ 101 July 4, 2015 guest David Carter, Sports Business Group, discussing being an expert witness for sports contracts and other sports business.

Sports Econ 101 July 11, 2015 guest Vern Glenn, previous co-host on Sports Econ 101 shares what being a sports news anchor entails. We also discussed where Floyd Mayweather ranks as one of the best boxers. We also talked about Bob Costas' suggestion of lessening the MLB season to 154 games and having more playoffs.


Sports Econ 101 July 18, 2015 guest Ted Robinson, the voice of the 49ers. We discussed Venus and Serena Williams, the famous call Ted made of the Vernon Davis catch, and where Roger Federer ranks all time.

Sports Econ 101 July 25, 2015 guest David Vogelstein, criminal attorney, discussing when coaches do bad things.